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Churn Minimization

The standard machine learning churn playbook is flawed. Causal AI goes beyond ML predictions, and is able to recommend optimal pricing decisions and resource allocation to minimize churn.
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Beyond conventional churn models

Churn prevention is a common use-case for AI. However the results are typically underwhelming. Typical churn models fail to respect the business’ constraints and goals. And while conventional AI systems can predict likely churners, they don’t recommend a course of action to prevent churn. Causal AI is uniquely capable of recommending a set of interventions to optimally allocate resources to minimize churn, based on your business goals and key metrics.

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We’ve integrated several unique Causal AI capabilities into our churn minimization solution. Our application draws on next-generation explainability, machine imagination and intervention design. In terms of ROI, our solution typically reduces churn by an extra 4-9% above standard machine learning-based churn prevention models. We’ve rewritten the churn playbook.

Optimize churn reduction in your organization.

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