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Identify Incremental Contributions to KPIs

Traditional attribution models are no longer sufficient at representing the complex, noisy and interconnected world we live in today.

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It’s time to revisit your attribution model

Marketing attribution models traditionally used are no longer capable of representing today’s complex and noisy world. Enter causaLens’s Attribution Decision app powered by Causal AI, enabling experiments at scale and precision recommendations based on the true causal influence of current marketing mix.

Marketing attribution is a cause-and-effect challenge. In essence, marketers need to know the cause of a customer’s purchase (the “why” behind the buying decision) in order to attribute credit to a given channel. And they need to be able to anticipate the effect of a budget allocation decision on sales in order to make the most of their marketing efforts.

Run experiments over your channel mix, at scale

As marketers, we are also lovers of experimentation. We ask questions about what happened in the past and what might happen in the future based on how we spend across channels. We want to empower marketers to do more of this experimentation to uncover ways of doing more with less.

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40% of marketing budget is wasted YoY

89% of marketers have reevaluated their channel mix since the pandemic to try to adapt. Without a more nuanced approach, marketers are running blind to the effectiveness of their initiatives. The world has moved on to data-driven marketing attribution.

This Attribution Decision App powered by Causal AI, enables marketing teams to efficiently transform marketing and sales data into sophisticated causal attribution models that map out all causal relationships in the channel. Placing the power and functionality of Causal AI directly into the hands of the marketing team.

Represent the world your customers are living in without all the guessing

In a privacy first world, where it is becoming harder and harder to capture the nuances of a customer journey, marketers need a tool that can represent that journey. Causal AI removes the veil and gives you the ability to ask “Why?”.

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Learn more

Read more about the difference between traditional attribution models and a causal attribution model.

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