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Marketing Mix Modelling

Today’s marketing mix is more complex than ever, there’s more competition, less budget and stricter data privacy regulations. Transform your marketing mix measurement with causal attribution models that enable a precise understanding of channel contribution.

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Zero in on the most impactful optimizations by understanding cause-and-effect

Enabling marketing teams to efficiently transform marketing and sales data into sophisticated causal attribution models that map out all causal relationships that drive conversions. Additionally, it provides automated and customizable optimizations of spending allocations.

Marketing attribution is a cause-and-effect challenge. In essence, marketers need to know the cause of a customer behavior (the “why” behind a buying decision or action) in order to attribute credit to a given channel. And they need to be able to anticipate the effect of a budget allocation decision on ROAS, in order to make the most of their marketing efforts.

Privacy and Tracking Regulations

Counteract recent privacy changes with the ability to integrate first and 3rd party data and precisely attribute channel contributions at multiple levels. With Causal Discovery and signal testing, marketers get a true multi-channel analysis of marketing campaigns down to ad-set level. By combining human domain knowledge with 3rd party, 1st party and macro-economic data, understanding the effectiveness of campaigns becomes more robust even with new customer tracking regulations.

Multi-channel Complexity

Today’s marketing mixes are more complex than ever, the number of channels your customer is engaging has exploded.

Without a more nuanced approach, marketers are running blind to the effectiveness of their initiatives. Which makes finding ways to tweak campaigns for the most impact, all the more challenging. Causal marketing attribution powers a new, more powerful method of marketing mix modelling.


Legacy Attribution Failures

With last-touch attribution being the standard for ad reporting platforms and marketers intuitively knowing the complexity of their marketing mix, there is an inherent gap in trust.

Generate cross-platform actionable insight to optimize your marketing mix and increase ROAS. Get independent, always-on, and trusted insight on campaign performance across any channel and identify the incremental lift of ad campaigns across every channel for smarter decisions. Saving the 40% of ad spend that is typically wasted.

Learn more about how Causal AI is revolutionizing the modern marketing stack

Marketers are frustrated with current AI technology, which is limited to predicting customer behaviors. Causal AI goes beyond predictions, generating insights into what drives customer behavior. Industry leading marketing teams are leveraging these insights to make better decisions.

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Empowering marketers to respond to changing business and macroeconomic environments is critical, but existing tooling results in an overreliance on data scientists Through one-click scenarios & counterfactuals, marketing teams no longer need an army of data scientists to provide analysis for decision-making.

Budget Efficiency

With reduced marketing budgets due to economic headwinds, efficient allocation of spending while continuing to drive conversions has never been more important.

Optimize budget allocation to each spending channel in order to maximize the forecasted revenue for the next quarter. Users can input a budget and optimization parameters such as campaign and channel. The app will then show new forecasted revenue and a revenue split by channel.

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Causal AI vs Traditional Measurement Approaches

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