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Explore Causal AI-powered applications deployed in leading organisations that are critical to solving their most challenging use-cases.

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Custom decision apps tailored to your organization

Developing and maintaining successful enterprise AI solutions is challenging. causaLens’ intuitive UI enables all users to create sophisticated decision apps within hours — that are customized to the organization’s distinctive challenges, constraints and objectives. Tech savvy users can plug into a full-stack API to boost the organization’s app development.

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causaLab: the Next Frontier in Counterfactual Modelling

causaLab, the causaLens platform module that allows data scientists to easily produce causal models. We’ll illustrate real-world scenarios in which standard modelling fails, give some background into the theory behind causal inference, and fit causal modes using causalNet.

decisionApps → From Models to Decisions

decisionApps empower data scientists and engineers to deliver the power of Causal AI to business stakeholders, allowing them to quickly make optimal decisions.