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The operating system for trusted enterprise decision-making powered by Causal AI.

decisionOS  enables organizations to gain true business value by embedding Causal AI into their decision-making workflows.

> Extract Knowledge:
    Uncover cause and effect then transform causal drivers into explainable models.
> Build decision-making applications:
    Use the decisionApp SDK to create customized full stack decision-making applications.
> Operationalize decision workflows: 
    Connect with other systems to create seamless executable decision workflows.

Powered by Causal AI

decisionOS enables organizations to leverage Causal AI, the only technology that can reason about cause-and-effect relationships. Causal reasoning unlocks higher forms of machine intelligence that go beyond predictions and directly enhance human decision-making.

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Human Guided Causal Discovery

Identify the cause and effect relationships within your data using a wide range of powerful causal discovery algorithms designed to function rapidly even on complex data. decisionOS combines the best causal discovery algorithms from our R&D lab and the wider open source community. Enable cross-functional collaboration by allowing subject-matter experts to inject domain expertise to enhance causal discovery, via an intuitive user interface.

Causal Model Building

Transform causal drivers into an explainable model that represents cause-effect relationships and their functional forms. decisionOS provides novel architectures for building structural causal models or causally-enabled decision trees to maximize performance and trustworthiness. decisionOS is extensible with all popular open-source software packages, giving data scientists the freedom to build models with any software.

Causal Decision Intelligence

Transform model outputs from predictions to actionable recommendations, by orchestrating interventions and counterfactuals. Our flagship causal decision intelligence engines include:

  • Recourse engines for designing optimal courses of action
  • Tools for detecting biases and promoting fairness
  • Counterfactual engines for scenario planning and why-questions

Build Decision-Making Applications

Build applications that are customized to the way your business users prefer to consume information, rapidly and with full flexibility.

  1. Browse a library of enterprise-ready use case templates for inspiration.
  2. Choose building blocks or “high-level components” to create visualizations and interactive functionality.
  3. Customize any aspect of these building blocks to your use case with a low-level API—including themes, data visualizations, layouts, and reporting metrics.
  4. Stack the blocks together to create multi-page applications.

The template library includes pre-built decisionApps that are tailored to meet the most pressing needs of businesses across industries.

decisionApps Library
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Enterprise Connectivity

Connect with other software systems and data sources to create seamless executable decision workflows