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AI Regulation: who is on the hook?

AI Network Roundtable – Our CEO, Dr Darko Matovski, joins a distinguished panel to discuss regulation of AI

AI will bring advances in almost every sector of life, such that AI dominance has become a defining objective of the worlds’ biggest powers. But private companies are driving innovations that define interactions between nations from trade to military. How is AI redefining power between states and between the state and the private sector? And what is the end point of the international AI race?


Carolyn Herzog, EVP and General Counsel at Arm

Emmanouil Patavos, Managing Director at FTI Consulting EU

Sue McLean, Partner, Technology at Baker & McKenzie

Darko Matovski, CEO and co-founder causaLens

Lilian Edwards, Prof of Law, Innovation & Society, Newcastle University

Jennifer Dumas, General Counsel at Allen Institute for AI

Sophia Adams Bhatti, Head of Strategy and Policy at Simmons

Moderator: Tabitha Goldstaub, founder, CognitionX

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