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GovTech 2021 - Optimal policy decisions

GovTech 2021 convenes tech trailblazers and government officials to explore the challenges and successes of implementing new technologies in the public sector. causaLens’ CEO Darko Matovski joins Gerald Mullaly, Director of the UK Prime Minister’s Office and Cabinet Office, to present how Causal AI drives optimal policy decisions. 

Optimal policy decisions – Augmenting human intelligence with Causal AI

Current machine learning has had some great successes. However, it has shown to have some severe limitations. These can be especially problematic for decision-making. Fortunately, there’s a new emerging science that has the potential to overcome these limitations and truly augment human intelligence. This science – called Causal AI – enables machines to reason, through understanding cause and effect.

  • Understand how true causal drivers allow Causal AI to do much more than just make accurate predictions of the future.
  • Hear about how Causal AI produces fully transparent and explainable models that allow seamless interaction and collaboration with the user.
  • Learn how this technology enables decision makers to realistically model the effects of interventions on systems and to explore counterfactual scenarios.
  • Discover examples that demonstrate Causal AI’s current success in policy making, resource allocation and beyond.