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SQA and CFA Society of New York: Frontiers in Investment Data Science

causaLens Co-Founder and CTO Maksim Sipos presents a case study on causal inference in financial markets, as part of a wide-ranging and high-profile conference on the opportunities and challenges of data science in investment.

SQA and CFA Society of New York co-host a wide-ranging two-day event covering the opportunities and challenges associated with the use of alternative data in investing, the impact of data science on financial markets and robo-investing, machine learning possibilities and more.

Maksim Sipos, causaLens Co-Founder and CTO, presents as part of a deep-dive session on causality, with other thought leaders from Microsoft Research also presenting. Maksim introduces causaLens’ approach and proprietary tools, including systems that extract causal drivers from large datasets and that integrate human causal knowledge. The presentation will highlight Causal AI use cases in asset management.

All sessions will include time for Q&A, so join your colleagues and industry experts for an interactive exploration of causality in investment data science.