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The Responsible AI Forum

The Responsible AI Forum will convene the world’s best-known figures from the business and academic worlds to lead the discussion on the development, deployment and communication of AI as a responsible technology for society and government.

Our CEO, Dr. Darko Matovski will be participating in a panel about AI regulation, together with other prominent figures in the field.

The rules: can AI be regulated?

It’s a tale as old as capitalism itself. Big business argues that strict regulations will stifle innovation and give an edge to international competitors, but calls for regulation to protect the public are increasing. With reports of AI ethics violations on the rise, it looks like the scales are starting to tip against those arguing against tougher regulations. But what regulations, and who decides? 

Speakers: Liz Grennan, Global Managing Council, McKinsey; Helle Thorning-Schmidt, former Danish Prime Minister, member of the Facebook Oversight Board; Martin Jetter, Chairman of IBM (EMEA), Chairman of the Board at Deutsche Börse Group; Darko Matovski, CEO, causaLens

Moderator: James Harding, Co-Founder, Tortoise