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Brand and category management teams are innovating with Causal AI

Revenue leaders can now identify the causal drivers behind their pricing and promotional strategies, leading to better decisions, increased revenue and sales volumes, and greater market share.

A more accurate attribution model for today's world

Marketing attribution models traditionally used are no longer capable of representing today’s complex and noisy world. Enter Causal AI and causaLens DecisionOS app, enabling experiments at scale and precision recommendations based on the true causal influence of current marketing mix.

These questions sound familiar?

  • What strategy enables the brand to maximize GP and/or growth yet align with the equity and value proposition of the brand?
  • How can I achieve my sales targets, maximize the ROI from my trade investment, and align with the brand strategies?
  • What strategy, across all brands within the category, enables us to achieve our topline and bottom-line goals?
  • What strategy enables the team to maximize EBITDA by maximizing the GP and driving operational efficiency?
  • How can we understand our customers with less data?
  • How can we maintain a standard of personalization in a privacy-first world?
  • What can I do with less granular data?

They are causal questions and with the help of Causal AI retailers can...

  • see the impact of pricing and promotional strategies before they are implemented
  • driver higher returns on promotional investments
  • do more with less
  • ask ‘what-if’ questions about the past

Empowering innovation across the organization

Revenue Leader

Obtain a full picture of business drivers which will not only improve the speed and impact of pricing and promotion decisions but also increase overall understanding of other business drivers for the business

Category Manager

Learn from the past going beyond a basic review. Counterfactual analysis enables organizations to perform what-if scenarios to inform better decision-making going forward based on what they should have done in the past.

VP of Merchandising

Decrease the amount of resources, time, and investment to analyze the past and plan the future through dynamic scenario building as well as perform counterfactual analysis.


Plan and deliver insights through a common platform that can be leveraged to make pricing and promotional decisions, creating a collaboration for partnerships as well as align expectations.


Identify hidden drivers of growth; what channels and messages that are the most effective in bringing incremental increases to KPIs.

Data science lead

Understand what data is material to the analysis, automatically. Given there is typically a lot of data, organizations struggle with what data is meaningful to the business question or KPI, a capability that will save a material amount of time and resources.

causaLens solutions for retailers

Pricing and Promotion Optimization

Understand the impact of pricing and promotional strategies before implementing them

  • Generate a causal graph of drivers of demand that is a true representation of today’s complex consumer product world
  • Measure and recommend promotional investments that drive revenue and profitability
  • Scenario planning together with a causal model, prepare for and understand more deeply how events and or changes in the market will impact your strategies
  • Understand what is driving your customers’ behavior to achieve more with less

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Customer Retention

Customer Churn Prediction to Improve Retention

  • Enables the identification of true causal drivers of churn
  • Receive recommendations for interventions to optimally allocate resources and budgets to increase retention
  • Reduce churn by an extra 4-9% above standard machine learning-based churn prevention models

Understand the causes of retention with causaLens.