The causaLens Platform

causaLens uses Causal AI to go beyond predictions, providing transparent causal insights and suggesting actions that directly improve business KPIs.

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causaLens transforms your business

causaLens delivers end-to-end business optimization. With comprehensive automation, from data preparation to DevOps, the platform’s vast array of Causal AI tools empowers businesses to directly tackle their highest value problems.

The only platform that provides the full power of Causal AI

Fully autonomous & customizable

Operationalize Causal AI Automated MLOps powered by cutting-edge technology

Seamless integration into your workflows


Autonomously find signals in internal and external data

Create networks of ticking-models

Deployable Anywhere

On the cloud


On the edge

Streaming Infrastructure

Online learning

No memory constraints

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Empower teams throughout your business

User interface is intuitive and customizable: Empowering domain experts

Powerful and easy-to-integrate API: Empowering technology teams

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