The Only End-to-end Causal Decision-Making Platform 

A low-code enterprise AI platform that automatically turns raw data into improved business decisions.

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Human-centered AI that revolutionizes enterprise decision-making

causaLens’ low-code platform allows users to:

  • Discover the data that creates an information advantage
  • Build advanced AI models that go beyond predictions
  • Create solutions that empower users


Effortlessly clean in-house data and integrate it with the data that’s most pertinent to your AI use case. causaLake intelligently uncovers the most valuable external data for your needs — it is the only technology capable of penetrating beneath correlated signals in similar datasets and identifying causal drivers. Our proprietary homomorphic encryption and anonymization ensures data privacy and enables you to search for valuable signals in data from the world’s largest data providers without committing to a subscription or trial period up front.


Causal models represent how systems function — from economies to businesses to biological systems. They go beyond vanilla machine learning predictions, allowing users to simulate decisions and imagine novel scenarios that are unconstrained by historical data. Causal AI is the only technology that is adaptive to real-world dynamics. causaLens is a low-code platform that harnesses the world’s preeminent research into Causal AI.


Use our low-code framework to quickly turn a causal model (or any other machine learning model) into a user-friendly solution that anyone in your business can use. Solution applications can be easily tailored to your business environment and use case. Business users can leverage a powerful range of causal modelling tools, enabling them to predict, explain, understand and shape their business environment and market.

Empower teams throughout your business

No-code user interface is intuitive and customizable:
Empowering domain experts & decision-makers

Low-code framework and easy-to-integrate API end-points:
Empowering technology teams

The causaLens platform plays an important role in our investment process and has helped us generate outsized returns. It yields transparent and explainable models that we have confidence in, as they are based on causal relationships”

Chris Udy – Chief Investment Officer, Tibra

Transparency and explainability of AI models requires an understanding of causality—an inherent advantage of the causaLens platform”

Wendy Harrington – Chief Data and AI Officer, TIAA

Causal AI plays an ever more important role in our investment analysis. It empowers our strategists and portfolio managers to generate alpha by identifying new causal relationships in economic, financial and alternative data, with sophisticated, adaptive and explainable models that don’t suffer from overfitting.”

Michael Grady – Head of Investment Strategy and Chief Economist, Aviva Investors

The only platform that provides the full power of Causal AI

Fully autonomous & customizable

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