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How Causal AI is Empowering Advancements in Marketing

Presented live @ MarTech Spring 2022

Only 17% of marketers use AI today...

…despite AI being touted as the ultimate marketing optimizer for the past decade. What is stopping us from harnessing this technology to better understand our customers?

Can AI truly give us insights that help us attract and retain customers and increase ROI? The world’s leading marketing teams are moving away from traditional AI and turning to Causal AI to unlock their understanding of each step along the customer journey.

State-of-the-Art AI vs Causal AI

Correlation-based ML

  • Predictions only

  • Limited explainability

  • Spirals out of control in novel situations

  • Minimal human-machine interaction

  • Constrained by historical data

  • No guarantees on fairness

  • Needs a lot of data