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decisionApps → From Models to Decisions

Watch the Webinar

Access the webinar to hear causaLens’ CEO, Darko Matovski, and Director of Applied Data Science, Andre Franca, as they walk through how you can use causaLens to build decisionApps. 

decisionApps empower data scientists and engineers to deliver the power of Causal AI to business stakeholders, allowing them to quickly make optimal decisions. 

This webinar includes:

  • What is a decisionApp
  • How decisionApps empower data scientists to put trustworthy AI into the hands of decision makers
  • Demo of building end-to-end decisionApps with the causaLens Platform, including components such as:
    • Model explainability
    • Fairness and bias
    • Scenario analysis
  • Examples of decisionApps with proven ROI


0:00: Intro
2:16: Current ML landscape
3:50: Need for Causality
5:40 Predictions to Decisions
9:25 Product Walkthrough
12:05 : overview of demo
15:02: Demo
30:04: Components of decisionApps
32:22 decisionApp use cases