Finance leaders deploy causaLens to boost profitability Finance leaders deploy causaLens to boost profitability

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causaLens leverages Causal AI to understand, explain, predict and shape the world.

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causaLens is pioneering Causal AI, a new generation of intelligent machines that finally understand 'cause and effect' — a major step towards true AI. Its enterprise platform is used to optimize leading businesses in Finance, Manufacturing, Energy, Telecommunications and many other industries.

Why Causal AI?

The current state-of-the-art in machine learning fails to perform in real-world environments. It lacks the intelligence businesses need. Causal AI is the only technology that can reason autonomously, by gaining an understanding of cause-and-effect relationships, to directly optimize KPIs. Causal AI can provide causal insights to human experts, forming human-machine partnerships that together directly solve businesses’ highest value problems.

Industry leaders are already using Causal AI to achieve levels 3 & 4 of Business AI

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Optimizing Businesses Across Industries

Levels of Business AI

AI adoption is a critical determinant of success across nearly all industries. A chasm is opening up between early and late adopters. As the pace of technological progress increases, this divide will only widen. 

The path to AI leadership is becoming clear. Leaders are integrating AI capabilities throughout all business functions, democratizing access to AI across the enterprise and fostering opportunities for human-machine collaboration. Here we set out the levels of AI integration and maturity that separate laggards from leaders, and look to the future of AI in the enterprise.

Level 0

No Machine Learning

The business has no Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities, though there may be a well-established digital infrastructure that can manage data across business functions. Solutions to the businesses’ highest value problems depend entirely on the intelligence of the human workforce.


One in two enterprises are currently still at L0. They fail to realize the value of their data. There is firmwide hunger for ML resources, but no way to supply the resource. Business functions burn fuel improvising solutions instead. Organizations at this level are at a disadvantage as compared to competitors who have begun their journey to AI adoption.

Beyond Predictions

causaLens is the only product that provides Level 4 Business AI, autonomously giving you recommended actions, not just predictions or theoretical insights, directly from raw data.

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