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Fraud Prevention

The Fraud Prevention App allows banks to identify the causal drivers of a scam transaction and be able to improve on their app interventions and customer strategies to prevent scams. It also enables banks to use counterfactuals to justify a blocked transaction.

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The Fraud Prevention app gives banks an extra layer of intelligence in the fight against payment scams and novel fraud tactics. The decision app helps banks to anticipate and adapt to the evolving fraud landscape, by leveraging algorithms that go beyond memorizing old attack patterns. It provides banks with enhanced situational awareness, with tools to scenario plan and stress test emerging threats. The app harnesses human intelligence and the best of the banks’ pre-existing solutions, bringing both within an AI control system. Banks can be confident that their fraud prevention models meet new EU regulations and they can more efficiently resolve customer disputes via next-generation explainable AI.

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Our fraud prevention solution enables retail and commercial lenders to conduct trustworthy and explainable decisions. Read our case study on how Causal AI equips banks with an extra layer of intelligence to fight back. Adopters can expect to accelerate the development of AI systems by 10X and reduce the costs of fraud by 70%



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