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Not getting ROI from your AI? Stop predicting.

Pave the way to trusted, collaborative, and actionable decision-making powered by Causal AI.


Elevate your decision-making with decisionOS.

decisionOS provides your organization with:

  • Causal AI to move beyond correlational AI and into a world where you can provide actionable recommendations by leveraging state of the Causal AI tools and methods.
  • decisionApp Building for developing customized full featured applications in pure Python. Surface decision-making recommendations to any partner within your organization.
  • decisionOps for the orchestration of decision workflows- while tracking the performance
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Causal AI

Discover cause and effect to drive better decision-making.

Current AI techniques rely on learning correlations, leading to misleading predictive insights and eroding trust between data scientists and end users:

  • Causal Discovery: decisionOS gives you the tools to discover the cause and effect relationships within your data.
  • Causal Model Discovery: decisionOS builds trust using white-box causal models, alongside model guardrails and human expertise to prevent unexpected behaviors.
  • Decision Intelligence Engines: Uniquely allowing you to go beyond predictions by translating model output into quantitative, actionable recommendations.
decisionApp Building

Bring actionable recommendations to your business.

decisionOS gives you the simplest way to ship decision-making applications to the business. decisionApps are written in pure Python and surface actionable recommendations. Your business partners do not want another data science dashboard. Therefore, decisionApps are fully interactive, natively support causal AI components, and connect to enterprise systems; allowing them to focus on making better decisions- faster.


Don’t simply track accuracy. Measure ROI.

decisionOS extends MLOps to deploy, monitor and trust decision workflows. By connecting to your enterprise data and systems of record, decisionOps allows you to orchestrate, trust, and measure the causal impact of the decisions which you take. Ultimately, giving you the ability to calculate the ROI of your decision-making.

Decision-making is a team sport. Make sure your team is setup for success.

  • Data Scientists
    Access a suite of Causal AI tools to answer previously out of reach questions, and serve your business partners the recommendations they need.
  • Data Science Leaders
    Your teams can directly drive KPI improvements, and provide interactive applications to business partners.
  • Executives
    Gain an at a glance understanding of your organization’s performance and decisions- in the language you care about.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why decisionOS instead of building my own solution?

decisionOS provides a seamless end-to-end process for applying Causal AI to your business challenges. decisionOS simplifies and enhances the highly fragmented Causal AI open source ecosystem, reducing the time to value for Causal AI solutions. Meanwhile, decisionOS takes care of low level infrastructure and maintenance concerns, allowing you to focus on higher value tasks. Finally, decisionOS comes packed with enterprise features meaning you can run solutions in production stress-free.

What do I get with decisionOS?

  • In addition to full access to the decisionOS software, a standard license includes:
  • Dedicated account support from decisionOS experts
  •  User and administrator training sessions
  • Create unlimited numbers of decisionApps
  • Technical support and best practice guidance
  • New product releases during the license period

How much is decisionOS?

decisionOS has a range of pricing options to fit your organization’s requirements. Reach out to our sales team to discuss and request a quote.

Transparency and explainability of AI models requires an understanding of causality- an inherent advantage of the causaLens platform”

Wendy Harrington
Chief Data and AI Officer, TIAA

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