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In this talk Hana Chockler will look at the connections between causality and learning from one side, and verification and synthesis from the other side. She will introduce the relevant concepts and discuss how causality and learning can help to improve the quality of systems and reduce the amount of human effort in designing and verifying systems. Hana will (briefly) introduce the theory of actual causality as defined by Halpern and Pearl.

FMCAD 2022 is the twenty-second in a series of conferences on the theory and applications of formal methods in hardware and system verification. FMCAD provides a leading forum to researchers in academia and industry for presenting and discussing groundbreaking methods, technologies, theoretical results, and tools for reasoning formally about computing systems. FMCAD covers formal aspects of computer-aided system design including verification, specification, synthesis, and testing.

Hana Chockler will be speaking on: “Why do things go wrong (or right)? Applications of causal reasoning to verification”