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About Us

We are a friendly and ambitious team on a mission to build Causal AI-powered products that empower organizations to make superior decisions.

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Leadership Team

Darko Matovski, PhD


Maksim Sipos, PhD


Hana Chockler, PhD

Principal Investigator

Zubair Magrey

Engagement Director - Financial Services

Bronwyn Murray

Director of Finance

Andre Franca, PhD

Director of Applied Data Science

Apostolos Lymperis

Director of Growth

Alejandro Ortega Ancel, PhD

Director of Scientific Communications

James Langston

Director of Sales & Strategic Partnerships

Tamara Stemberga, PhD

Lead Data Scientist

Lydia Shepherd

Talent Acquisition Lead

Marcin Miklitz, PhD

Director of Machine Learning Engineering

Marcus Kaiser, PhD

Data Science Team Lead

Andrew Lawrence, PhD

Research Scientist - Team Lead